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Grow Your Talents for Career Development

Updated: Jan 3

Everyone has talents. And everyone is more talented than expected. Are we

born with talents or do we develop them throughout our life?

People are naturally talented in many aspects, but they do not believe in themselves or

they have never been in a situation to feel that they are talented at something. Talents are naturally developed when they are nurtured. Living a life with core values and supporting the things, which are important for us, will give us the possibility to feel our aptitudes in a more effective way. When we are true to ourselves, we discover more than we expect.

So it is important for you to start endorsing your values and growing your talents now. The earlier you do it, the sooner you will feel fulfilled and you will be able to develop your life and career in a more beautiful way.

How talents help to develop a great career?

 Talents develop leadership skills

Everyone is a leader; everyone has the possibility to develop others and their careers, developing their own strengths, values and passion. What makes a person a great leader, is the ability to listen carefully and endorse the talents of the others, helping them to grow.

 Growing your talents will make you to work and live your passion

Let us be honest, in order to be happy at work, we need to love the job, not only perform the tasks. Living the passion at the working place is the most inspiring situation which can happen in our career path. We learn and grow faster, we use our natural aptitudes and abilities, supporting them to grow into talents.

What you need to believe?

 You are multitalented. Everyone has multi-talents and those do not necessarily make you a star, but they make you a leader. Everyone is born to be a leader, even though you do not need to have a team to be a great one.

 Your brain is a muscle. It is not, indeed. As a biologist I will primarily laugh at this statement. Well, you need to imagine that your brain is a set of cells, which grow and develop themselves after stimulation and work, the same as muscles do after sport stimulation. The more you use your muscle cells, the better performance you will get. The same applies with

the brain. We are not born with a certain level of IQ or EQ, but we rather develop it throughout our life, when we are motivated to do so.

 Everything, we believe in, is possible. Still we cannot fly like birds. But trusting our intuition about what is possible and how much we need to expand our expertise in one area will help us develop great talents.

 We do not have one-side shown talents. We are either good in math or languages. This is what many people believe. The truth is that we are directed very early in our school time to believe in some abilities of ours and to limit others. Not every child is lucky enough to have the ability to develop different types of intelligence, which will help them develop talents in early ages. Many aptitudes stay hidden, as hidden buds of a flower and they need a special attention to grow. They could never evolve on their own, if they are not nurtured.


Talent coaching supports you in the path of finding yourself internally and to reflect the world around in ways that will make your talents grow and your passion be lived. Talent coaching will focus on what you love and what comes natural to you, as well as to develop aptitudes, which you would love to develop into talents. Combining your job with your talents and passion will make you feel great about your life and you will be able to change the world from inside out.


The article was initially published at ICN (International Coaching News), Issue 8:

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