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Building Resilience and Growing Resilient Hearts

Updated: Jan 3

Traveling grows resilience and builds up character

” I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ” ― C.G. Jung

We are all humans and we struggle with life a little from time to time. When was the last time you felt like quitting? It happens all the time. We are not alone in this struggle and we can choose our own way to respond to these challenges in life. A good way is to build up a mindset, which help us overcome the difficulties in a more mindful way. This is what makes us more resilient to go through life changes, but also build up our character and makes the soul shine from inside out. It makes us more beautiful. Here are my suggestions how to work on your resilience:

Know what is important to you

Under number one there is something that we know subconsciously. We sometimes ignore that inner voice and that brings us enormous stress and suffering. The secret is to bring the subconscious to conscious choices. Connecting our daily choices with our value system will give us feelings of security and flow in our life. It is not always easy, but definitely it’s always worthy. Surrendering to our inner guidance is something that will make us stronger with time, however incompatible it may sound.

Act with gratitude

There is nothing stronger than a grateful mind and heart. If the value gives us guidance, the gratitude gives us joy and appreciation of the beautiful world we live in. Besides the deep scientific research, which confirms the good impact of gratitude to our neurons, it makes life much more pleasant.

Think of something positive in every situation Ask yourself what you are learning in this situation and what you can do better next time. This is how we develop a positive and learning mindset, more agile and extremely lovable at the same time. Many will appreciate the smile in a difficult situation, even when it feels hopeless.

Work on your relationships and develop a supportive network We, people, are very sociable and we need our network of supportive trusted people. Make sure that the people in your circle, those you listen to, are warm and supportive. They help us grow. Make them feel appreciated in return.

Take care of yourself

I do not mean the self-care rituals only, although a big chocolate would be great to reward yourself during a difficult day. I mean, taking care of your finances, paperwork, difficult choices. Self-care also means to take the decisions, which are important for you. Keep working on your own development as a project. Take care of the skills that you are missing or need improvement. Keep improving, make a self-development plan. This is the only way to move forward.

Ask yourself: What is important to me in life?How do I know that I have it in life?Who is important to me and how do I let them know that they are important to me?What good may I learn from this situation?What is going well in life?What may I do better next time?How can I improve myself? That is it. Building resilience is not an overnight success, but we can do it day by day. Trust yourself in the process and enjoy.

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